Mastering React: Building Modern Web Applications

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Module 1: Introduction to React

  • Understanding the basics of React and its advantages.
  • Overview of React ecosystem: React components, JSX syntax, and virtual DOM.
  • Setting up React development environment: installing Node.js and configuring IDE.

Module 2: React Components and Props

  • Exploring React component architecture.
  • Creating functional and class components in React.
  • Passing data between components using props.

Module 3: State Management in React

  • Understanding React state and its importance.
  • Implementing stateful components in React.
  • Managing component state with setState and useState hooks.

Module 4: Handling Events and Forms

  • Handling user events in React: onClick, onChange, onSubmit, etc.
  • Building controlled and uncontrolled forms in React.
  • Validating form data and implementing form submission.

Module 5: React Router and Navigation

  • Implementing client-side routing with React Router.
  • Setting up routes, nested routes, and route parameters.
  • Handling navigation events and redirecting users in React.

Module 6: Managing Data with Redux

  • Introduction to Redux for state management in React.
  • Implementing Redux store, actions, reducers, and selectors.
  • Connecting React components to Redux store using react-redux.

Module 7: Working with APIs and Fetching Data

  • Making HTTP requests and fetching data in React apps.
  • Integrating RESTful APIs with React using fetch or axios.
  • Handling loading states, errors, and asynchronous operations.

Module 8: Styling and Theming in React

  • Styling React components with CSS, CSS modules, and inline styles.
  • Using popular CSS frameworks (e.g., Bootstrap, Material-UI) with React.
  • Implementing theming and custom styling solutions in React apps.

Module 9: Testing and Debugging

  • Writing unit tests and component tests for React apps.
  • Debugging React apps using browser developer tools and IDE debuggers.
  • Implementing test-driven development (TDD) practices in React.

Module 10: Deployment and Optimization

  • Building and optimizing React apps for production.
  • Minifying, bundling, and code-splitting React applications.
  • Deploying React apps to hosting platforms like Netlify, Vercel, or AWS.
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