Mastering Laravel: Building Dynamic Web Applications

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Module 1: Introduction to Laravel Framework

  • Understanding the basics of Laravel and its features.
  • Overview of Laravel ecosystem: Composer, Artisan, Blade, Eloquent, etc.
  • Setting up a Laravel development environment.

Module 2: Laravel Fundamentals

  • Creating routes, controllers, and views in Laravel.
  • Working with models, migrations, and database migrations.
  • Introduction to Laravel Blade templating engine.

Module 3: Database Management with Eloquent ORM

  • Understanding Laravel’s Eloquent ORM for database interactions.
  • Defining relationships between database tables using Eloquent.
  • Performing CRUD operations with Eloquent models.

Module 4: Authentication and Authorization

  • Implementing user authentication with Laravel’s built-in authentication system.
  • Managing user roles and permissions.
  • Implementing authentication features like password reset and email verification.

Module 5: RESTful API Development

  • Building RESTful APIs using Laravel’s built-in routing and controllers.
  • Implementing CRUD operations for API resources.
  • Securing APIs with token-based authentication (e.g., JWT).

Module 6: Testing and Debugging

  • Writing and running tests with Laravel PHPUnit.
  • Implementing test-driven development (TDD) practices.
  • Debugging techniques for troubleshooting Laravel applications.

Module 7: Caching and Performance Optimization

  • Utilizing Laravel caching mechanisms for improving application performance.
  • Implementing caching strategies with Redis or Memcached.
  • Optimizing database queries and application code for better performance.

Module 8: Queues and Background Jobs

  • Understanding Laravel’s queue system and job processing.
  • Implementing background jobs for time-consuming tasks.
  • Configuring and managing queues for scalability and reliability.

Module 9: Frontend Development with Laravel Mix

  • Introduction to Laravel Mix for frontend asset compilation.
  • Integrating CSS and JavaScript frameworks (e.g., Bootstrap, Vue.js) with Laravel Mix.
  • Implementing asset versioning and optimization for production.

Module 10: Deployment and Continuous Integration

  • Deploying Laravel applications to production servers.
  • Automating deployment workflows with tools like Envoyer or Forge.
  • Implementing continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) pipelines with services like GitHub Actions or GitLab CI.
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