Comprehensive Game Development Bootcamp

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Module 1: Introduction to Game Development

  • Understanding the game development process and industry landscape.
  • Overview of different game genres and platforms.
  • Setting up a game development environment: installing game engines and development tools.

Module 2: Game Design Fundamentals

  • Understanding game design principles and mechanics.
  • Exploring elements of game design: story, characters, gameplay, and level design.
  • Introduction to game design documents and prototyping techniques.

Module 3: 2D Game Development with Unity

  • Introduction to Unity game engine and its interface.
  • Creating 2D game projects in Unity.
  • Implementing game mechanics, player controls, and interactions in Unity.

Module 4: 3D Game Development with Unity

  • Transitioning from 2D to 3D game development in Unity.
  • Building 3D game environments and assets.
  • Implementing physics, lighting, and visual effects in Unity.

Module 5: Scripting and Programming in Unity

  • Introduction to C# programming language for Unity.
  • Writing scripts to control game behavior and logic.
  • Implementing game mechanics, AI, and player interactions with scripts.

Module 6: Game Art and Animation

  • Creating game art assets using 2D and 3D graphics software.
  • Introduction to animation principles and techniques.
  • Rigging and animating characters, objects, and environments for games.

Module 7: Sound Design and Music Composition

  • Understanding the role of sound in game development.
  • Creating sound effects and background music for games.
  • Integrating audio assets into Unity projects and controlling audio playback.

Module 8: Game Testing and Quality Assurance

  • Implementing game testing strategies and methodologies.
  • Writing and executing test plans and cases for game projects.
  • Debugging and troubleshooting common game development issues.

Module 9: Publishing and Marketing Games

  • Overview of game publishing platforms and distribution channels.
  • Creating marketing materials and promotional assets for games.
  • Launching and marketing games on platforms like Steam, App Store, and Google Play.

Module 10: Advanced Topics in Game Development

  • Exploring advanced game development techniques and technologies.
  • Implementing multiplayer functionality, networking, and online features.
  • Working on advanced game projects and discussing industry trends and best practices.
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